Committee Members

Hobart FM members and the general public are invited to attend the
Annual General Meeting of Hobart FM Inc on
Wednesday 26th September at 7.30pm
at Almas Activity Centre 17 Alma St Bellerive
Click here for the MEETING NOTICE
Click here for the DRAFT CONSTITUTION
Only financial members of Hobart FM are entitled to vote.
President  -                Craig Cracknell 
Vice President  -      Kaye Payne
Secretary  -               Roger Joseph (Public Officer)
Treasurer  -               Peter Lindsay
Committee  -           Helen Lindsay
                                      Prisca Kwok
                                     Karl-Heinz Jekubec
                                     Ian Crook
                                     David Mitchell
​                                    Joy Jones

Technical (Non Committee)  -  Jim Parish
​                                                             Barry Young